To me, art is a personal game with time.

I love the long history of art making, but I am not necessarily interested in returning to archaic forms. Everyone and everything is evolving, and I have to move on, as well. Jumping headlong into the future with technology doesn’t do it for me, either. I like it all: a wealth of ancient traditions, modern forms and contemporary materials. My creative experiences are of such a cauldron. The only romantic idea I have about art is that the muse loves us, especially when a good work is brought into life.

Life is changing fast these days. Making art can be a valuable compass, and it is something that engages and gives me a sense of direction. I am trying new things and working through different processes. I am finding my voice – or at least a voice – steadily probing the future, knowing that deep time is in the rear view mirror, and it is closer than it appears.